Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kurt Madison (a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon)

Kurt Madison (a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon) Jerks Off, Poses, And Giggles In Nude Photoshoot Video
After all the photos and videos you’ve seen of Kurt Madison’s practically inhuman bubble butt and monster cock, are you tired of him? No, you’re not. Here are more.
Just when I thought the Randy Blue porn star and underwear model was done showing off, he goes ahead and shows off some more and, surprise, he is still perfect.
This time it’s for Paragon Men. This is ridiculous.

And in case there was any doubt that everything is really as big as it looks in pictures, there is video evidence. Preview (full video here):
[ Kurt Madison]

More Photos Of That Go-Go Boy/Gay Porn Star

Quinn/Kurt Madison

One of you is totally beating me at the “obsessed batshit insane stalker” game, and I salute you. Thanks to a commenter this morning who linked to a Yahoo group (remember Yahoo Groups?) (remember Yahoo!?) photo album, we now have a butt load of new Kurt Madison/Quinn pics. And speaking of butt, Jesus fucking Christ.
I don’t know when the onetime Randy Blue masturbator and recent Andrew Christian car humper took all these pictures or who even took them, but I hope that there are more out there and I hope that people will keep sending them to me and I hope that you appreciate dicks as much as you do butts, because, hi…

Things Are Getting Kind Of Creepy With This

Quinn/Kurt Person

His Randy Blue movie and his underwear commercial and all his photos were great, but this does nothing for me. To me, tickling is for little girls and slumber parties, not big-dicked go-go boys with bubble butts. But I know there’s an audience for this fetish, so I hope you’re happy, freaks.
Here’s Kurt Madison a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon bound and tickled for a site that apparently exists called

Meet The WeHo Go-Go Boy Who Became A Randy Blue Model
Dreams really can come true for cute dancers aspiring to be gay porn stars, as evidenced by this cute dancer/aspiring porn star who is so cute, I don’t know whether to fantasize about tousling his cute head of hair or to simply sit here agog over his cute giant cock.
All I know is his name is “Quinn,” and he’s a go-go boy from the WeHo club scene. He is also one of those go-go boys/models who has had artsy nude photos of him floating around the Tumblrs and the Model Mayhem profiles for months. But it was yesterday that I came across (pun intended!!) two Quinn photos that looked more porny and less artsy (he was hard and he had an erection), and then today I saw some of him on a Randy Blue set, like this one below. So I put two and two together…